Ass economics

Whenever doing something you can either half-ass it or whole-ass it. Half-assing something is really tempting because you save yourself one half-ass worth of time in the short term to spend doing something else. But when you half-ass something now, then down the line it becomes more likely that the thing you half-assed will break or fail or you'll get caught and then your ass is in the grass.

The trouble is it doesn't necessarily take only another half-ass to fix the issue. Usually it is a whole-ass load of work to fix the issue because first you have to clean up the mess and second you have to re-do what you half-assed originally. So all in all, half assing something now will really cost you one and a half asses in total work all together.

Now on the other hand, you can whole-ass the whole thing now, making sure you get everything right on the first go. Then it won't break down and you don't have to fix anything and you'll end up saving your own ass in the future.

Jul 06 2022